Nils SatterstromBackground

Hello! My name is Nils Satterstrom, I am the owner of satter9designs,  a small website design, development, and consulting company in Denver, CO.  Most of our clients are small businesses who need to have a strong presence for the services they provide in their local area.  We have been providing website services since 2006 to clients throughout the United States and North America.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to fully understand our clients business and their objectives.  Once we understand their business we can help guide their internet projects whether it be updating their current website, developing a new website from scratch, managing their website, or developing strategies to drive traffic.

Minimizing Our Client's Costs

As of now I am the only full time employee and I work out of our house.  When needed we have a trusted team that consists of a graphic designer and several developers and programmers.  This model allows us to deliver projects for a fraction of the costs of a typical development firm.

Our Mission

To use resources, tools, and methods of the modern internet  to propel our client's businesses to new heights.


We understand the incredible responsibility we have to our clients.  The website is often first impression of their company to new customers and clients, sometimes it is their business.  We operate every day in the world of the ever changing internet.  Our responsibility is to stay on top of the latest tools, trends, mistakes, to help give our clients good guidance.  Our ultimate responsibilty is to contribute to our client's success.

Contact Information

Phone: (720) 773-4206
Location: 2672 Iola St. Denver, CO 80238