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Nils Satterstrom

My name is Nils Satterstrom and I started satter9designs in 2006. My approach has always been to be extremely accessible to our clients. We continuously make updates and improvements to our clients websites and advise them based on the current trends and strategies available on the fast moving world wide web.

Our Goal

Our number one goal is to help businesses get the most out of their website. All of the factors that contribute to a successful business website can be overwhelming. Therefore we really love to help business owners help make their website a valuable asset by directing them only towards services and products they really need.


We have worked with many platforms but have chosen to focus on Drupal and WordPress because they offer the most efficient development path. Over the years we have gradually become more and more involved with Search Engine Optimization because it is so important for businesses to get found online.


The most successful online business grew out of combining a passion for the game of ice hockey and web development. In 2008 I combined my web development skills with my knowledge of ice hockey. The result was which has grown into the most visible ice hockey coaching website on the internet.

It is now owned and operated by Ice Hockey Systems Inc. with great partners out of Buffalo, NY and also includes NHL Hall of Famer Denis Savard out of Chicago, IL.

The company has continued to grow and add online assets. and are also now under the Ice Hockey Systems Inc. umbrella.

Nils Satterstrom


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