satter9designs - Website Management and Internet Marketing in Rochester, MN is one of the most successful projects we have ever been a part of. In fact, satter9designs was a founder of this website in part because of our love and passion for the game of ice hockey.

This website is also a membership based website that is an online resource for youth hockey coaches of all age levels. As of 2020 it ranks as the most visible online coaching website in the internet.

The website uses a combination of videos, animations, diagrams, articles, and downloads as resources for the coaches. We have built tools that allow coaches to set up team accounts and share their content with players in preparation for practices.

Like many online businesses the success of the website is based on good search engine rankings. It is a great example of how the best content will lead to the best organic SEO results. is an online coaching resource for youth soccer coaches. It uses a variety of video instruction, animated soccer drills, and articles that coaches can view, print, download, and share with their team.

This website is a membership based website that was built on Drupal 7.

The success of the website is due to a good search engine ranking for keywords related to "soccer drills".

Elkus & Sisson, P.C. is a law firm in Denver, CO. It is a WordPress website built using Oxygen. The competition in this industry is so tough that every little factor matters. We use Oxygen because it allows us to create a very fast website with little bloat.

The recent website refresh of their website allowed us to make some on-site improvements. One of the most notable is the lead form at the top of each page. Using a funnel type form has shown to convert more so it was implemented on this site.

Elevation Gourmet is an e-commerce website built using Shopify. The company features the best organic ketchup available with several gourmet flavors.

The site integrates with Shopper Approved to gather 3rd party ratings. These are considered more trustworthy that simply gathering your own ratings.

Brian Quigley is a mortgage broker in Denver, CO that uses his website to drive leads and generate business. He has done a great job at writing content related to the industry and because of this has been rewarded with very good local search engine results.

His website is developed on WordPress and he uses a strong content marketing strategy to increase search engine rankings and drive potential clients to his website.

This is a landscape design and construction company in Colorado Springs that has done an amazing job of investing in their website. As a result they are one of the most visible Landscape Design companies when it comes to local searches for anything related to "landscape design" in the Colorado Springs area.

There are many factors that lead to their success:

Their website was built using WordPress and Oxygen. The Oxygen framework is great for building local business websites because it is lean and fast.

DesignLink Architecture & Planning is one of our long time clients. While they are small architecture firm in Scottsdale, AZ they out compete all the big firms when it comes to local search.

They have invested greatly in high quality photos of their projects. These are great for their website because it captures user's attentions and increases engagement. Quality engagement sends a good signal to Google and leads to higher rankings.

They currently enjoy visibility in the "map pack" and page #1 organic rankings for high value search terms like "Scottsdale Architect" and "Architecture Firms in Scottsdale, AZ".

The site was built using Drupal 7. is a directory website for hockey camps throughout the United States and Canada. The site is built on Drupal 7. It offers users a great way to search for hockey camps based on their location, age, skill level, etc...

The success of has been through the search engine rankings. For many location based searches throughout North America the website is ranking on the first page. Many rankings are #1 with featured snippets!

Shiphaus is a company that works on the international stage providing companies throughout the world with strategic shipping services.

This is a WordPress website built using the Oxygen platform. The website uses a content marketing strategy based around their primary services to rank well for specific searches. Each service page acts as a landing page.

Movement Physical Therapy focuses on injury prevention and rehabilitation in Edwards, CO. It is a simple website with the goal of ranking well for local search and providing information to their clients.

They have implemented some very useful blog posts. They enjoy a map pack listing and #2 position for the primary search term.

Movement's position in local search to Physical Therapy in Edwards, CO

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