Over Half of the Searches Volume is Now from Mobile Devices

Everyone wants a happy website user! Responsive design allows users the best website experience regardless of the device they are using.  We believe that responsive design is so important in today's internet landscape that we include it with every website project we do.  Research is showing that more and more searches are being performed on mobile devices.  It is crucial to develop websites with this in mind and make a user's experience a reflection of your company no matter what type of device they are using.

Website on a mobile device

Improved Search Engine Rankings?

Responsive design is the recommended method for delivering good user experiences on all devices according to Google.  You can only assume that Google gives responsive sites a boost since their primary concern is delivering good results to web users.  Google has released a mobile first index which indexes the mobile version of the websites first.  We can assume that websites that offer a good user experience will get some props from Google if their site is mobile friendly.

Efficient Website Management

A responsive website allows one website to serve web pages on your site regardless of the screen size.  A separate mobile site would require you to maintain and manage two websites instead of one.