What is Shopify?

Shopify is an online ecommerce platform that is all inclusive and easy to user.  You do not need to be a website developer or guru to get an online store up and running with Shopify.  We have used several e-commerce platforms and we think Shopify has pinpointed the most important elements of ecommerce and made them available for anyone to use.

Why use Shopify?

Every element of Shopify is to help businesses manage their online business and convert sales.  While doing this they have been able to make the platform easy to use and powerful.  We like to encourage our clients to use Shopify for the following reasons.

Easy to use administration area

The easy to use admin area allows you to manage every aspect of your ecommerce store. Products, taxes, shipping methods/rules, payment methods, and product displays are just a few of the important elements that are easy to manage.  If you know how to use a text editor and upload images then managing your online store easy.

Clean, simple, and responsive designs

Shopify has created a great template engine that has allowed web development agencies to develop themes specificaly for Shopify.  There are a wide range of themes you can choose from and depending on the complexity you should be willing to pay up to $200 for a theme.  They do offer free themes and these can be great for stores with minimal requirements, however, if you want to step it up a knotch then some of the premium themes are well worth it.  Have a look for yourself and Browse the Shopify Themes.  The nice thing about the themes is that you can start with a theme as a good starting point and then hire a developer or consultant to develop the theme further.

Shopify responsive designs

All inclusive ecommerce solution

The best thing about Shopify is that it is an all inclusive ecommerce solution.  Anyone who has developed an ecommerce store before knows that there are a lot of parts to setting up your store and making it live. The minimal requirements are website hosting, payment gateway, and SSL certificate.  Typically all of these have to be bought seprately and installed.  All of these are inclusive starting with the basic Shopify plan at $29.00/month.  That is saving a lot of money on a monthly basis not just for the hard cost but for the time invloved with configuring all of it.  Think about it!  $29.00/month to have a store front open to the world.  Take a look at the Shopify Pricing Chart.

Search engine friendly ecommerce sites get found and convert

Having a Search Engine Friendly website is key for two reasons.  First, everyone would like to find new customers and the number one way to do that is through organic search.  Websites that provide a poor user experience will not get found as well in relevant search results.  Google has a preferred method for providing users with a good experience on multiple devices which is known as responsive design.  Google has recommended that all websites use the responsive design method for displaying mobile websites and is rumored to start giving favor to those that load faster.  The themes found in the Shopify store are responsive and offer great experiences for users on mobile devices which will increase your conversions as more and more people continue to use mobile devices for their online shopping.

Structured data is another hot topic for search engine friendly ecommerce websites.  Structured data something developers will understand but not the average store owner.  Shopify does a great job of automatically taking the important product information from your site and providing it as structured data.  This structured data helps search engines dig out product information that it can display in their search results.  The presence of structured data has been shown to help click through rates and conversions of ecommerce sites.

How to get started

As a Shopify Partner we can set up a developement site for you and once the site is live we can turn it over to you (if you want, we have no problem managing the site for you).

You can either set up your own account or contact us.  If you set up your own store then we will need to get access to your account to set up the developement site.