Website Design Services

Website design is a broad term used these days and may include any or all of the following services:

  • Website planning and site map creation
  • Site layout design
  • Selection of fonts for headings, text, and links
  • Icon selection
  • Specifications for color schemes
  • Themeing the site with html / css
  • Website development
  • Content Management System setup and configuration

Start to Finish: Our process


Our first step in the process is a period of research.  We try to gain a deep understanding of the clients needs, business, and identity.  During this process we can discover strengths and weaknesses using real data and create a plan that will enhance their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses.  Our goal is to make sure the website is an extension of your company's identity and relates to other marketing materials.

Custom Design Development

The development of the design communicates the goals established during our research. Design concepts are explored and presented while the layout and structure of the site is diagramed and mapped out. Communication with you , the client, is the catalyst for a successful finished product. Graphic concepts and imagery are selected to compliment the overall goals and themes.

Site Mapping

Based on the research we will propose the structure and the site map to use good SEO recommendations.  This includes:

  • internal linking structures and strategies
  • hierarchies of content or locations
  • navigation structures

Website Development

The final step is the development phase.  Our job is to take the project that has been created in the Design Development phase and bring it to life on the web.  During this stage we will develop the website's functionality based upon the requirements and perform the website themeing based on the design.

We will choose a content management system we feel is best suited for the client's needs.  Typcially for more advanced and custom solutions we will develop the site using Drupal.  If there are not too many funcational customizations then Wordpress is a great solution. We can develop using either platform and each one offers their own advantages.

In the development phase it is also important to make sure the site is user friendly on all devices and screen sizes.  Therefore we test and theme the site using Browerstack to make sure the site is user friendly across all devices, browsers, and operating systems.  This can also be referred to as responsive design which is the recommended method by Google for displaying content to users across all screen sizes.

Drupal and Wordpress Development

Content Development

The content for your website is important.  It needs to communicate your message and engage your visitors.  The three primary ways to engage users are:

  • engaging, well written text
  • high quality and relevant images
  • embedded videos

Content development requires research to target your intended audience.  Proper formatting that includes headings like h1, h2, h3, and h4 tags are a sign of good on-page site strcutre and can help Google detect a well structured piece of content. 

Website Hosting

A reliable web host is also crucial to the success of your business. Top web host such as iPage and eHost are affordable. Check out this detailed eHost review  for more information.  We also offer hosting to all of our clients. It is one more thing we handle so our clients don't have to worry about it. It is not a requirement but an option.  Our hosting typcially costs either $10 or $20 per month depending on the size of the website.


Communication is always the key to a successful project. Honest feedback is appreciated, we understand it is a back and forth process with teaking, twisting, re-working, grinding, work to get it right.