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Website Management for Small Business

We offer complete Website Management services which include:

  • management and routing of DNS records
  • setup and management of website hosting
  • management of email routing to 3rd party email host (we do not host emails on our server)
  • setup and management of SSL
  • maintenance and security updates (Drupal and WordPress platforms)
  • hourly updates

Our website management services are designed to allow you to be completely hands free from dealing with technical aspects of your website.

Full Website Management Services

Management Services - $150/month

  • Contact us anytime to post messages and announcements to your website.
  • Website hosting on scalable cloud server.
  • Maintain security updates.
  • 1 blog post per month.

Extra Services

Maintain Privacy Policy - $99/year

Maintain updated privacy policy, terms & conditions, and disclaimers to comply with the changing laws.

Content Marketing - $400/month

Gain trust and keep content fresh by posting blog posts that target your primary demographic. A great way to increase rankings and traffic to your website.

What are DNS Records?

When you register a domain name for your business you will need to configure the DNS to point to the servers which host your website, emails, and sub-domains (if any). The DNS records direct requests to the right place so that your website, emails, and sub-domains work. Here are a few terms that you will need to be familiar with:

Domain Registrar

This is where you initially register your domain. There is typically a yearly fee for your domain through the registrar and you will most likely pay $12.00 - $20.00 per year. Examples of well known registrars include GoDaddy, Namecheap,, and even Google offers domain registration.

DNS Host

The DNS host is where you actually host your dns records. Most domain registrars will be your default host but if you want to move them you can specify a new nameserver by entering the nameserver host at your domain registrar. Sometimes it makes sense to host your DNS at the same place where you will host your website and emails.

A Record

The A record handles website requests. It is typically an IP address of the server where your website is hosted. Therefore when someone types in your domain name to their browser the request will first go to the domain registrar to see where the DNS is hosted. It will then go to the DNS records to check the A record and find the IP address for where the website is hosted.


This is another custom DNS record that you should be able to edit from your registrar or hosting account. These records allow you to set up sub-domains that will route these web requests to other servers. For example, as a web developer we often are in the process of upgrading websites and migrating them to new servers depending on the clients requests. We will ofter set up a development website at something like This allows us to host the development site on a different server.

MX Records

While A records handle your website requests, the MX records handle your email requests and allow you to set up emails associated with your domain name. If these are not set up properly you will not be able to receive emails associated with your domain. For example, if you wanted to set up your email with a Google Business account you would enter your mx records based on their values.  Here is a what the mx records will look like.

Finding the Right Hosting Solution for Your Website

There are quite a few options for hosting your website and when you start shopping it can seem overwhelming. The key is to find a host where you pay only for what you need. There are several kinds of hosing options you should explore.

FREE Hosting Solutions

It is possible to find free website hosting especially when you use the free website builders such as,,, Google Sites, etc... Of course these are really geared towards the DIY person and a lot of the more useful features are available with paid plans. For basic business websites that are strictly informational these can be a great solution.

Shared Hosting Plans

Shared hosting plans will typically run about $10 / month. These plans are a great solution for websites that might need their websites to be a bit more than just basic informational sites. These types of plans are also good if your traffic expectations are not too high. These servers host hundreds of websites on the same server (hence the name shared) so all of the websites are using the same resources. You will typically have a quota for monthly bandwidth and storage space. Another advantage to these servers is that they are usually very well maintained from a technical point of view.

Dedicated Hosting

These plans are much more expensive and are designed for a business that plans to host multiple websites. For example, it is common to pay $200 - $300 per month. This allows you to set up multiple hosting accounts on the server. However, more responsibility falls on the owner of the account for managing the server.

Cloud Hosting

This is the solution we are recommending because it allows you to fully scale your resources based on your needs. Our current host is less expensive than our previous dedicated server. We can scale the server depending on the needs of our clients so they are really only paying for what they need. Here are more benefits of our cloud hosting option:

  • Very fast performance because of included caching system
  • SSL can be added at no additional cost
  • One click application installer for applications like Drupal and WordPress

Management of Security Updates

Open source platforms such as Drupal and WordPress are always improving and responding to security threats. When new threats are discovered the volunteers in these communities will respond by developing updates to the platform. When they have developed a solution then an updated version will become available. It is a good idea to stay on top of these security updates. We are notified when these updates are required and can install the security updates.

Can Your Business Manage It's Own Website?

Of course, there are lots of resources available to help you navigate through all of this technical stuff. However, when people want to focus on growing their business then we can take care of all the hosting, dns records, ssl management, and monthly updates. Our services are designed so that you don't have to worry about any technical aspects of your website.

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