Three steps for Stapleton Businesses to drive more business through their website

Our website design services in Stapleton are designed for small businesses that want to have a professional looking website and get found online for searches that are targeting their services.  At a minimum here are three things business owner's website should have:

  1. A professional looking website that looks good on desktop and mobile devices (Responsive Design)
  2. Conversion tracking
  3. Internet marketing strategy (local SEO)

Key factors for your business website design

The design and structure of your site are important.  Without a strong foundation and good design the conversions will lack and it will make your internet marketing efforts harder.  When we design and develop we make sure we have paid close attention to the following elements:

  1. User friendliness on all devices and screen sizes (responsive design)
  2. Make sure the Call to Actions (CTA's) are always present and above the fold
  3. Set up a well organized site structure that is easy for users to understand and navigate
  4. Make sure each page is specific to a topic, service, or location
  5. A good content mangement system like Wordpress or Drupal
  6. Good on page SEO structure that allows easy updates of the meta tags, h1 tags, main content, and image optimization

Conversion Tracking

Once a solid foundation is built then you need to know how this is effecting your business.  Are the changes bringing in more leads?  Without a way to track conversions you will never know.  At a minimum you need to make sure your website uses Google Analytics and a Call Tracking System.

Marketing Your Website

Once you have a solid website and a way to track conversions then you can effectively start marketing your website and driving more traffic.  There are many facets and ways to drive traffic to your website.  Depending on your business some methods make more sense and will be more effective.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC campaign (Pay Per Click)
  • Investing in Local SEO
  • Investing in organic SEO

These methods are the most effective when you have taken the time to do the first two steps correctly.  Once you are ready to move on to marketing your website then do some research on how what type of internet maketing will be effective for your business.  In Stapleton, you would be surprised at how many people you can reach by targeting particular search phrases and participating in local social media groups.

Stapleton's Location Advantage

Stapleton has a unique advantage when it comes to search engine marketing and local SEO.  If you want to target customers in Stapleton it is failry easy to do for location based searches.  Rather than try to target keywords with a lot of competition then try to start with searches using "Stapleton".  There are many searches that use "Stapleton" as the location as opposed to Denver.  By targeting Stapleton you might be able to become more visible for location based searches that your business provides. As an example we were able to rank two different test sites for Stapleton Remodeling Contractors within just a couple of weeks.  Have a look at this search query for remodeling contractors in Stapleton Denver.  You will notice we have Stapletong Kitchen Remodelers ranked in the Map Pack and Denver Remodel Pros ranked in the organic search results.

Local Businesses on 29th Street in Stapleton Denver, Colorado